Biffers - Whoa! :)

Biffers are a trio from Livorno, Italy; the band was born in 2009 but the current line up is dated 2013. Their sound is inspired by Californian late 80’s punk rock, with influence coming from soul/R&B, as well as Housemartin’s British indie rock. The first album “Whoa!” was recorded in late 2012 and released on August 2013, self recorded and produced. They are currently promoting Whoa! by extensively touring Europe, but a new album will be ready by summer 2014; new songs will be in the setlist together with the full Whoa! tracklist in the winter/spring 2014 shows.

20:00 - 00:00 cafe
22:00 band


event op: 1 mei 2014
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OHANA - Psytrance & Chillout [ TDS.43 ]

TDS #43 - Psytrance & Chillout
Event link:

MAINSTAGE - Psytrance (Fullon) & Psydub opening set

02:00 - End



ALCHEMIST (Psydub opening set)

CHILLOUT - Ambient Psydub Progressive towards other music styles
DJ's for chillout are still to be confirmed




Deco & Light: TDS

Sound: LBB's very own XTRO tops and RCF L18P400 186 subs and part of TDS for chillout

Crew: LBB & friends :)

Doors: 3 euro


ID for booze:

ENGLISH version: From 1st of january 2014 onwards it is illegal to sell alcohol to individuals under the age of 18. Those under 18 who are carrying alcohol on themselves or consuming it in public places are liable to prosecution and put us at risk of being fined.

This has led us to introduce age control at the entrance to our events. Guests who are over 18 years will get a 18+ ribbon allowing them to purchase beer or wine at the bar. Guests under 18 years will get a soda ribbon granting access to the event but not allowing for the purchase of beer or wine at the bar.

Guests who don't want or can`t identify themselves at the door with a passport or ID-card will get a soda ribbon regardless even if they look older than 18 years. Thanks for your cooperation and understanding.

DUTCH version: Vanaf 1 januari 2014 is het verboden aan jongeren onder de 18 jaar alcohol te verkopen.

Vanaf 1 januari 2014 zijn alle jongeren onder de 18 jaar strafbaar als ze alcohol bij zich hebben op voor publiek toegankelijke plaatsen.

Dit heeft ter gevolg dat Landbouwbelang op leeftijd moet controleren bij events. Iedereen met een leeftijd van 18 jaar en ouder krijgt op vertoon van een paspoort, ID-kaart of rijbewijs een 18+ bandje. Hiermee kan men bier of wijn krijgen aan de bar. Iedereen onder de 18 jaar krijgt een fris-bandje waarmee ze wel toegang krijgen naar het event maar geen alcoholische drank krijgen an de bar.

Let op: Mensen zonder paspoort, ID-kaart of rijbewijs of mensen die zich niet willen identificeren aan de deur, krijgen ten alle tijden een fris bandje. Bedankt voor jullie coöperatie and have a good time

event op: 19 apr 2014
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Le Cirque du Platzak

Le Cirque du Platzak presents their new creation rooting in traditional circus, freak show and folk music.
nice for kids, elderly and everyone else!
free entrance
show 20:30
>entrance on the bassin side<

from 6pm on there will be juggling and acrobatics workshops share your skills, learn something or enjoy the PIZZA-craze in our garden

and then there was party:
>entrance on the maas side<

ALPARGATA happy tanzmusik 

Folk Music


"Hagelslag & Pindakaas" MANGO MUSIC AND BANANA BEATS cumbia


3 euro damage

event op: 26 apr 2014
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Liberty Caps + Losing Grip + Get Dealt With at Keldertje

Afbeelding kan niet geladen worden
Losing Grip, Punk

Punk-rock sinds 2012, combinatie van ne elektrieker, ne tegellegger, ene die les geeft aan de klein mannen en ne knoppe draaier! Afkomstig uit Limburg, al spelen we sneller dan dat we praten..

Liberty Caps, Punk

The Liberty Caps are known for their diversity in songs, lyrics and music. While they are an established punkrock collective, the band has let many influences blend nicely into their songs.

This results in fast, energetic songs, guaranteed to result in an exceptional and original live-experience.

Lyrical themes vary from everyda
y-life situations to political subjects, as well as instilling positive attitudes through fun stories.

Get Dealt With, Hardcore/Punk

Get Dealt With is a five-piece hardcore band from Limburg. Formed in 2014, the band started out as a fun side-project by inspired musicians who wanted to mess around.
However, things got interesting as every bandmember had his own set of influences and additions to the sound. This encouraged the band to take it up a notch and write more songs.
GDW combines elements from groove metal with straightforward oldschool hardcore, with lyrical themes ranging from personal issues to just full-on aggression.


't Keldertje
Biesenwal 3

Adres: Biesenwal 3 in Maastricht. Entrance at the riverside. A little further then the party entrance. doors open 20.00h, doors close: 0.00h      Donate for bands!

event op: 22 mei 2014
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Afbeelding kan niet geladen worden
WE Festival Party!!
From 21.00 till 03.00
entrance: 3 euro

event op: 9 feb 2014
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Euro Drunk Simulator with Hassan K. + Jankenpopp + Tryptofun

Afbeelding kan niet geladen worden
doors: 21.00h
end: 03.00h
entrance: 3 euros

Jankenpopp (FR)

Afbeelding kan niet geladen worden

Jankenpopp was grown up from contemporary art,
digital art, breakcore and micromusic influences.
Oversized electro music, karaoke actings and Dada 8
bits happenings are his standard playground. With a
lasergun, a gameboy, an interactive sausage and a
mike as only weapons, he promises an original
breathless, extreme audio-visual performance which
mostly aims at destroying the dancefloor...



 Hassan K. (FR)

Afbeelding kan niet geladen worden

Keyvane (aka Ha
ssan K.) is a DIY artist and engineer living
in Lille (FR). His works mix up science and contemporary
art, new technologies and cheese, revealing freaky
audiovisual devices, noisy persian instruments, real air
guitar, rude mosh pit machine, superintended party,wimpy
zombies, … In this project Hassan K., the live electronics
cross Persian Epic and Iranian contemporary history,
traditional oriental music and glitch on bossy beats.



Tryptofun   (Eliza Piz Za) (NL)
Afbeelding kan niet geladen worden
Exotic Trap, Twerk, Moombathon, Cumbia: Bootymusic!

event op: 2 mei 2014
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Don Vito (GE) + Jealousy mountain (GE) + Albatre (NL)

Afbeelding kan niet geladen worden
3 killer bands in the 't Keldertje
be on time, doors shut at 0.00
doors: 20.00h
first band: 20.30h
Please donate for music!

sounds like getting a beating from a ball lightning, or, as someone said: "They play like children in a sandbox, with a sound like a Minuteman landing on an aircraft carrier platform, and the musical understatement of a Chicago jazz band."

Afbeelding kan niet geladen worden
JEALOUSY MOUNTAIN DUO: the guitar's looping looping and conflicting melodies, its drums working in and out of rhythms, eschewing any semblance
of straightforward timekeeping for an abstract counterbalance to the swirl of notes and tones.

Afbeelding kan niet geladen worden
is a new experimental music trio operating from Rotterdam. Their music is a joyously harrowing display of urgent bass & sax noise, skewed jazz elements, frantic but meticulous drumming and abrupt moodshifts. Albatre can be seen as part of a burgeoning micro scene of artists highlighting the crossover of improv, noise rock and freejazz currently made in Holland.

event op: 17 apr 2014
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Afbeelding kan niet geladen worden

LBB kelde
doors: 20.00h
first band 21.00h
end: 0.00h
please donate for party!

: Spanish Funky Punky boxing One Man Band de puta madre!!

"Boxing" one-man-band, with drum, percusion, guitar, trombone en
"singin' in a bad spanish" The impossible combination of Beyonce - AC / DC en Rage Against The
Machine.. :)

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ADOLINA: Indie-noise-rock killers ???

"Mind Curfew" from "Caldeira" Official Music Video:

"Worm's Riot" Live at Le Grand Mix (F) // Opening for Chokebore:

Listen to "Caldeira" second album released in 2012:

"Tumult", "Jackie Chan", "Revolving Doors" and "Roller Coaster" live at La Zone (BE):

Since 1998, through evolution, line-up changes, Adolina tries to work the chaos around  them and the one they generate themselves. Between noise, post-punk, indie-pop, metal crossfires, Adolina tries to come out with only one urge : fight nevermind the styles and labels thrown at their face. After 2 EP’s, Adolina has released in 2009 their first album : Domovoï. Not satisfied by this first try which is only the reflection of the instability of the previous years, the quartet go back to work and record what will become Caldeira, the second album. At instigation of Stephane (A tant rêver du roi), the band will release the stuff on vinyl and they’ll looking for partnership to help out : Whosbrain (Luxembourg) and Uproar for veneration (Lille)… Next: a split vinyl with the guys from THE RABBIT THEORY (SW) on january 2014! Now it’s time to face their field : the stage


Fan page Facebook:

event op: 10 apr 2014
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Cousin (UK) + It It Anita (BE) at 't Keldertje

Afbeelding kan niet geladen worden
Doors open from 20.00h, first ban
d 20.30h
Entrance at the riverside.
Please put some euros in the jar for the bands.


 Bandcamp -
Facebook -



Cousin are a 3 friends playing instrumental post-hardcore, math, riff-driven with some pop sensibilities, from Brighton, UK. Blending slack, melodic lead guitar with a growling, heavy-bottom rhythm guitar and mean drums, they try to exude powerful, positive vibes through head-nodding sounds.

Quick bio:

Since 2011, they've been playing (and putting on) DIY shows in the UK with some of Europe's finest bands, under Fcking The Night promotions. This includes: That Fucking Tank, Shield Your Eyes, Nitkowski, Love Amongst the Mannequins, Pneu, This Town Needs Guns, Delta Sleep, Axes and most recently Enablers, one of our bigger influences and loved bands.

It it Anita: Band of Four. Gang of Forces. Post-nineties. First EP recorded - Release in Spring.
We love you. So much

event op: 6 apr 2014
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